Archaeological heritage of St.-Petersburg /Russian Academy of Science, Institute of the History of Material Culture, North-Western Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage. - 
SPb., 2003. - Vol. 1. - 199 p.

(edition: 500)


Editor: Ph.D. P.E. Sorokin

Make-up: I.V. Somsikova


Research articles in the book of «Archaeological heritage of St.-Petersbourg» has sumed an account of archaeological excavations on the territory of Large Petersbourg and the new discoveries of the recent 10 years. The authors of the articles are archaeologists and historians of St.-Petersbourg.

This edition may arouse interest for a wide spectrum of readers. It may be used as an information book for the history and geography teachers, students and pupils, and all the persons who engaged in history and archaeology research of St.-Petersbourg.










P.E. Sorokin. Archaeological heritage of St.-Petersburg.

D.V. Gerasimov. The History of investigation, Chronology and Periodisation of Neolitical sites on South of Karelian isthmus.

P.E. Sorokin. Archaeological studies of the Troitse-Petrovsky Cathedral.

O.V. Andreeva and E.A. Sharova. Archaeological excavations in the Gosudarev Bastion of the Peter-Paul Fortress.

S.V. Kashaev. Archaeological investigations on the site of Giacomo Quarenghi’s house in Tsarskoye Selo.

P.E. Sorokin and S.A. Semenov. Archaeological excavations of 2000-2002 near the Twelve Colleges building.

V.A. Trifonov. Archaeological excavations of the horse cemetery in Tsarskoye Selo (1998 – 2000).

O.F. Dzyuba and P.E. Sorokin. Results of a palinological studies of the historical areas of the Lower Neva region.